iTheater Mac Media Center Project Taking Root


I think it's great that Mac's are slowly becoming more adopted as HTPCs. I don't think they'll ever truly take off strictly due to the lack of DIY ability, and the high cost. BUT, that doesn't mean there can't be some nice stuff/designs from that world. Check out some of the latest updates to the Mac-only Itheater: Wii Remote support […]

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Aquos Daily Double

EngadgetHD, a good source for all that is HD, has a couple of Sharp Aquos products up today. First up, they talk about the 1TB HD recorder that is coming down the pipe. As far as HD recorders go, it is fairly feature packed with 1TB HD, dual HD and analog tuners, firewire ports, USB jacks and cell phone compatability. […]

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MythTV vs TiVo3 Redux


OK OK….   I got the not so subtle hint to crank up the MythTV bandwagon. The comparison isn't exactly fair as MythTV is a complete media convergence device and a TiVo3 only handles PVR duties.  Here's my non-complete list of features MythTV has that I doubt the TiVo3 has.  Of course, since I don't have a TiVo3 in the house, […]

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CTpvr Media Center Version 2.1 is now Available.

CTpvr Media Center Version 2.1 is now Available. The only Window's PVR with PIP(Picture in Picture). CTpvr Media Center is a Personal Video Recorder(PVR) plus Media Player and Management Center. CTpvr allows you to record TV shows while watching shows you have already recorded. You can even watch a show while the recording is still in progress. Our Media Play […]

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MythTV vs TiVo Series 3


Ahh, nothing like a good old battle of the death to get your morning going. The bad part is, function wise TiVo is already ahead of the game. Having a close boxed system means you can get a lot the functionality such as CableCard support you simply can't get in an open source system such as MythTV. However, if you […]

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Logitech diNovo Edge Review


We posted our review of the diNovo Edge a little while ago and although it had its faults, we found it to be a pretty capable keyboard. Although, it is hard to justify spending $200 on a keyboard. They have very similar thoughts as we do. Sexy.. Sexy.. Sexy.. but expensive and the trackpad is a touch annoying. From the […]

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To 64…or not to 64


So you just took advantage of some of the great deals out there for some dual core (or heck, quad core) cpus & motherboards. You took the time, carefully planned, and then assembled your full system. Then you go to make your purchase of Windows Vista, only to be faced with the decision: Should I buy the x86 (32-bit version) […]

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The Daily Button – Feb. 13th, 2007

The Daily Button   Video Card News: Evga GF 8800 340MB review at nvnews  Video Card News: Gigabyte 7600GS HDMI review at Cooling News: SilentPCReview 92mm fan roundup Motherboard News: ECS AMD690GM-M2 Motherboard review at TweakTown Motherboard News:  NVIDIA "MCP72" Details Unveiled at Daily Tech Storage News: InPhase to laucnh 300GB holographic storage at the Register  Storage News:  Akasa […]

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nMedia MCESKB RF Keyboard


  nMedia MCESKB RF Keyboard A HTPC is unique in many ways from a typical desktop PC and the keyboard requirements are no exception to this rule.  Read on to see how well this keyboard/trackball performs in this environment.   INTRODUCTION nMedia has been in business since 2004 creating cases and accessories for the HTPC enthusiast.  Their philosophy and vision […]

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