Aquos Daily Double

EngadgetHD, a good source for all that is HD, has a couple of Sharp Aquos products up today. First up, they talk about the 1TB HD recorder that is coming down the pipe. As far as HD recorders go, it is fairly feature packed with 1TB HD, dual HD and analog tuners, firewire ports, USB jacks and cell phone compatability.

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Hell, they've even thrown in some new IrSS high-speed infrared communications to move pictures off your like-equipped cellphone on the quick. The line-up of recorders also come in a ¥140,000 ($1,155) 500GB DV-ACW55 model (or ¥110,000 ($908) DV-AC55 with a single tuner) and ¥110,000 ($908) 250GB DV-ACW52 model (or ¥90,000 ($743) DV-AC52 with a single tuner). Look for these starting February 20th in Japan.

Next up, they have details on Sharps' upcoming Blu-ray recorder/player. No real details on the unit yet, except they do know that it will record to single layer BD discs only. No word yet on the playback capabilities (1080p/24f?) or when or if it will make it to the states.

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It comes packing 1x HDMI (presumably with Familink support), Japanese D4, S-Video, and composite video outputs; optical/coaxial digital audio; and support for 7.1ch sound. It also brings 2x Firewire allowing the BD-HP1 to augment your existing hard disk recorder set-up for BD dubbing. Hitting Japan like a mutated lizard for ¥150,000 (about $1,238) starting March 20th.