CTpvr Media Center Version 2.1 is now Available.

CTpvr Media Center Version 2.1 is now Available.

The only Window's PVR with PIP(Picture in Picture).

Media Center is a Personal Video Recorder(PVR) plus Media Player and
Management Center. CTpvr allows you to record TV shows while watching
shows you have already recorded. You can even watch a show while the
recording is still in progress. Our Media Play Center supports viewing
of Photos; playback of DVD's, Videos files, Music files, Internet music
and FM Radio.

With this release we added our own subscription
free program data service providing our USA customers with high quality
electronic TV program data. Bringing you analog, digital and
over-the-air television listing information in our effort to improve
your PVR(Personal Video Recorder) experience.

We are committed to the continued enhancement of our products to better serve our customers.

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Interview Contact: Carmelo Santana