Is Meedio Dead?


It was a great disappointment to many HTPC builders when Yahoo bought the intellectual property from Meedio. However, by not actually buying the program and not shutting down the forums, a glimmer of hope was left for the Meedio crowd. Meedio clicked along on cruise control but with no active support and people starting to look else where for a Media Center solution it was only a matter of time before the shrrt was pulled over. Not content to let a powerful program go the way of the Dodo, an open source community was formed for a couple of reasons

  1. Support Meedio and continue to develop plugins
  2. Start work on a replacement core for Meedio called MeediOS

As work progresses on MeediOS, several plugins have been released on the Meedio site. Click the read more at the botton of the post of all the links to the recent modules that have been released for Meedio. However, many of the new plugins only work with a couple of the themes that are routinely updated.

If you are looking for a copy of Meedio, I am sure if you ask nicely we can find one for you. After the break you can find a few of the recent meedio plugins and screen caps.


MeediOS home page:


MeediOS is a new open-source project which is will recapture the magic of Meedio with sizeable improvements such as a WPF based UI built on the .NET Framework 2.0. See MeediOS plans/roadmap.

On this website, we also support the old Meedio product (not the Yahoo one), via our forums and wiki. Please take care to post in the correct Meedio and MeediOS forums. Our add-in repository, OpenMAID (v1) currently only hosts Meedio add-ins.

Recent Meedio Plugins And Updates

Movie Night –

MeediaInfo –

meeTVshows 3.0 –

meeMovieTunes –

My Movies –

TheMovieInsider –

Enhanced Tag Mask File Importer –

DXControl –

Sendkeys –

Enhanced Media Module II – 

They also got Evillyrics working again. Yay! –

Allmoviesynopsis Importer –
Updated MeediuTube –

Frameshots Importer –