How to get your Scheduled / Series Recordings from one pc to another

Ian was bored again, so he threw up some nice instructions for how to transfer your MCE recordings to another MCE. Can't tell you how many times I've had to do this in my time, so definitely a good thing to know if you mess with your system often. Also, take my advice, always a good idea to backup your recordings often as well…just in case.

  1. Download and install mceBackup 2.0 from here (its my free tool)
  2. Set the backup folder to a location that you will have access to on your new PC eg USB memory stick or server share
  3. Do "Backup Now"
  4. On your new install of Windows install mceBackup 2.0
  5. If your on Windows Vista, go to services and stop Windows Media
    Center Scheduler Service (you shouldn't have to do this but it seems to
    work the best if you do)
  6. Use mceBackup to restore the settings from the location you used in step 2
  7. Start the Windows Media Center Scheduler Service (or reboot)
  8. All your series records should now be present in Windows Media Center

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