Okoro Media Systems OMS-SX100 Digital Entertainment System

We spend more then a little time bantering about what makes the ideal Media Center PC. Everyone has a different opinions on the subject, however, there are a few core building blocks for every HTPC. 

  1. Silent and cool
  2. Quality Build (good wiring, noise dampening)
  3. Software, Software, Software
  4. Usability (IR sensor, readable LCD etc)

You won't get much of that information from About.com's review. Frankly it is a dismal evaluation of the system. To help the people out who are reviewing Media Center PC's, let's tell them what they should do in a review. I will start it off! Crucial to every Media Center review is starting out with a section of what a Media Center PC is and what it can do. It can be a lot more then an expensive TiVo. What are your thoughts? Media Center PCs are still in their infancy, maybe toddler, and there still needs to be a good dose of education behind every evaluation. Chime in on the comments and let the world know how a HTPC should be reviewed, who knows, maybe we will learn a thing or two as well.

From the review:

I really enjoyed using the OMS-SX100 Digital Entertainment System from Okoro
Media Systems. Upon arrival on my doorstep, I unpacked the Home Theater PC,
placed it in my entertainment center and hooked it up to an HDTV via the HDMI
output. I then connected the Optical Audio out to my surround sound receiver.
Using the included TV Tuner Card, the Saber 2020 Dual Analog PCIe TV Capture
Card, I connected my Cable TV coaxial cable to the RF input on the card. Once
everything was properly connected, I fired up the Okoro HTPC and was greeted
with the Windows Media Center Operating System. I didn't have to worry about
installing any drivers, everything works right out of the box.