Understanding Home Automation

modern home theater has a great article up describing what goes into a home automation system. Part one of this two part series gives a great overview of what you can expect before you delve into a home automation build. I am looking forward to part two where they will describe more of the DIY entry-level options available.

With a move just a short time away, I am looking to create a home automation system with media center as the heart of the system. Although I am just getting started, I think I can get a 95% of the way there when compared to a professional system.

From the article:

Elements of Home Automation
In attempting to
break down the various product categories that constitute “home
automation,” I ran into the same problem that faces many consumers:
There are no longer clear boundaries between the different product
categories. Some companies still embrace the “do one thing, and do it
well” approach, choosing to focus specifically on one area of home
automation, such as whole-house audio, lighting, or temperature
control. However, many of the major home-automation players contribute
products to multiple categories, precisely because it enables you to
control a whole host of activities via one smart system. In this day
and age, the adage “If you can dream it, you can achieve it” applies
quite well to the home-automation realm, so the breakdown below is
hardly an exhaustive list of product categories; however, it will give
you a general idea of the ways you can use automation to create a smart
home, as well as some preliminary questions to consider and
manufacturers to check out.