Onkyo TX-SR674 7.1 A/V Receiver


It's not fair, the author of the Onkyo review used my trickle down tech intro. Ok, it's not mine, however, it is true that budget receivers have many features that only a year or two ago would have cost you a great deal more. Feature wise, at least in my opinion, the Onkyo gets it right. They include an automated setup with a mic, all the recent CODECS, HDMI switching and XM integration making for a feature packed AVR for under $800.

From the article:

The HDMI inputs
are complimented by three component video inputs and one output for other HD
sources. The video inputs are completed with composite and S-Video inputs
for all of the video input options. On the audio side, there are three optical
digital inputs and two coaxial digital inputs. There are stereo analog
connections for all of the inputs and a 7.1 channel input for DVD-Audio, SACD, or HD-DVD players.