The Media Center Show #95 Rathe Hollingum (Microsoft European Development Center)

You all know what this is, Ian's infamous podcast 🙂 This week up he's talking to the European Development Center guy at Microsoft. So check it out!  

Show Times

00:32 Coming up this week
01:02 Questions regarding Show #94
03:13 Winner of Forum thread of the week
03:48 Next weeks winner gets Pamaela Pro + mcePhone Bundle
04:10 New Forums, The Lounge, Video Cards and Tips and Tricks
05:29 Windows Home Server Beta 2 – register for the beta
06:40 Aufero -BitTorrent client use with Windows Vista Media Center
07:28 Where are the Media Center Sidebar gadgets?
09:00 Links to my blog and
09:40 A message from Onevoice
10:07 Welcome to Rathe Hollingum
10:30 What is Microsoft's European Development Center
13:00 Tuning changes in Vista
14:40 Telex improvement
15:21 Digital Text is coming to Media Center!
17:40 Subtitles in DVB
18:12 European Standards
20:10 DVB-S cards in Media Center
22:06 Guide data in the DVB-T signal
29:10 Working with Microsoft Redmond
31:00 TV differences around Europe
33:33 New counties joining Europe
35:00 Cable support
36:00 Australian Support
38:58 Future developments
44:50 Extender support
46:22 Don't forget the new email , forums and blogs

Listen to the show here