TiVo Series 3 Update

Being the die hard HTPC fan I am, I don't have a TiVo in my house for a couple of reasons.

  1. My wife will like it better then the HTPC
  2. I will find out I like it better then the HTPC.. scary..

The goal of this release is to bring S3 up to the same feature set the S2 has. 

TiVo Community Post: 

* TiVoCast – Broadband video delivered directly to your tv set. No PC required.

* Extend Live – When scheduling live recordings, the TiVo service will automatically prompt you to add additional time.

* TiVo KidZone – Personalize your TiVo menus to display just the shows you pre-approve for your kids – live or recorded.

* Wireless Networking Security – You may choose to use either WEP or WPA security with the TiVo Wireless Network Adapter.

* Product Watch – Have the TiVo service find and deliver relevant product video clips straight to your Now Playing List.

* Recently Deleted Folder – Accidentally deleted a show? You can go to
the Recently Deleted Folder in Now Playing and recover it.