Aufero Brings BitTorrent To Vista Media Center

It's a good thing I don't compete with Chris for who can find the most MCE plugins. This one is rather interesting, and pretty neat if you can use remote storage locations. That way say you have your server being your main bitorrent downloader, then you can access that from your MCE. Not sure yet as no public download is available, but it's a good start.

  • Navigate and view collections of general information,
    previews, trailers, reviews, releases from scene to theatre to DVD and torrents
    related to your media or media you will be interested in.
  • Manual downloading of torrents.
  • Seemlessly play non-WMV (eg. XviD etc) on XBox360 using
    Aufero's media library (requires TVersity)
  • Built using MCML/Media Center Managed code for that smooth
    look we all love 🙂
  • Subtle notification on your screen when something you had on
    your Wish List is found, downloaded, unpacked, indexed and moved into your
  • Much more

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