Pioneer Elite PRO-940HD Plasma Display

I must admit, Pioneer must think very highly of their latest Elite plasma that Ultimate AV is reviewing today. Priced at $3300, it sports a meager 1024X768 resolution. However, the Ultimate AV review does give it good results in the end. And I can see his point of not really needing 1080p from a comfortable viewing distance. Your likely not able to see the detail. The major downside is that it won;t accept 1080p/24 from a Blu-ray player. Personally, I would skip over this model and get one that delivers the picture (which it does) but also has the features I want.

From the review:

But the Pioneer will outperform any of the 1080p LCD displays I've
reviewed recently in one important respect: the richness of its blacks.
While they still aren't down to the level of a good CRT, they almost
never looked grayed or washed out. It's a curious characteristic of
plasmas that their black level looks mediocre when they are displaying
a full black image (a fadeout between scenes or a "video black" test
pattern); but good sets like the PRO-940HD don't look nearly so gray on
normal program material, even on relatively dark scenes. And while once
or twice I thought I spotted a bit of false contouring in darker
images, it passed quickly and was never distracting.