The Daily Button: Feb. 3rd, 2007

The Daily Button


Cooler News: Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro review at GideonTech

Video Card News: Sapphire X1950Pro review at Hardware Zone

Video Card News: EVGA GF 8800GTS SLI review at NV News

Case News: nMedia 200BA review at Virtual-Hideout

Case News: Antec P180b review at Burnout PC


<Insert Name Here>


As it turns out, we need a name for a forum roundup that will be posted on a semi-regular basis. As always your suggestions are welcome. Thank you to LehigBri for the Daily Button suggestion.

Our first thread of the round is titled What do the moderators/experts use. Its good thing that you only have to qualify for one of the two to answer because I am a moderator but no expert. If I recall, there is some big event on tomorrow.. some sort of bowl or something with commercials. If you are interested in seeing the best commercials from years gone by, head on over to this thread. Of course, you SHOULD ALWAYS SPEND MORE TIME HERE. Wayyy back in 2006, Matt linked to a helpful article that helps clarify what anamorphic wide screen means. A good thread that can be found here. I like digging up old wrinkled things, I guess thats why I went out with my ex a few more times. This TiVo upgrade thread by Jiffylusyh is one of our older ones and he talks about upgrading is series three TiVo.


That about wraps it up for today's round up goodness. Stay tuned for more tomorrow :).