Adding Feed To Your Vista Sidebar


The RSS feed gadget from Microsoft for the Vista Sidebar isn't as straight forward as I thought it was to add different feeds. However, it was pretty easy. In lieu of creating my own gadget, I thought I would post a set of simple instructions to get the default one working.

1. Subscribe to a feed using IE7. This is the only way for feeds to show up in the RSS Feed Gadget. When you come to a page with an RSS feed you should see the feed button highlight. You will notice once you click on the bottom facing arrow besides feeds, there are two feeds. -RSS is the forum feed and Missing Remote is the news feed.

2. Click on the feed you are interested in and you should bring up a page that looks like the below picture. Click the subscribe feed and a window will pop up. Give it a name and click subscribe.

rss.jpg rssname.jpg

3. Click the add gadget button on the top of your side bar. A window will pop up for you to add a gadget. Right click the RSS gadget and choose add. The RSS gadget will add to the top of your sidebar and default to MSNBC. Right click the gadget and choose options and under Display feeds you should be able to choose MissingRemote or whatever feed you have subsribed to.

addgadget1.jpg rsschoose.jpg

4. All Done 🙂