JVC LT-46FN97 46 inch 1080p LCD HDTV Review

I4U, a pretty good CE news source, breaks out of their news reporting ways and gives us a review of JVC's 46" 1080P LCD. LCD's have someone anemic blacks, and this set isn't out to break that barrier with a contrast ration of 1200:1. It has a healthy amount of connections with dual HDMI connections, dual firewire, and a couple of component inputs for good measure.

From the review:

Brightness is very good as well
on the JVC I’Art LT-46FN97. The JVC isn’t as bright as the Pioneer
Elite Plasma I tested previously, but it is on par with the Viewsonic
N4251w HDTV set that I use as my reference model. I have to be honest
here as well, the JVC image quality is great but I really can’t tell
much of a difference between the 1080p and the 1080i my Viewsonic is
capable of. Personally I am not sure that I would want to pop for the
extra cost a 1080p set goes for. I just can’t tell enough difference in
the image quality to warrant the additional cash outlay myself. JVC
lists the MSRP of the JVC I’Art LT-46FN97 at $3499. My reference
Viewsonic N4251w is selling for $1575 at the time of this writing
making the JVC more than twice as expensive.