Music and TV in the Master Bath

You want to increase the WAF, how about a TV with a voice operated music library/home automation system for the bathroom? I am not sure they have Z-Wave based candles yet, but this story will get you 90% of the way there. I am thinking an Xbox 360 extender, for those romantic gaming sessions, and media library extender plus a nice TV and One Voice for voice control.

From the article;

Music Distribution System

Naturally, you’ll need something to play through your bathroom
speakers. A music distribution system can pipe tunes from your
entertainment system in the family room (or any other room) to the
speakers in the bathroom. Music from a variety of different
sources—including your CD player, satellite receiver, media server and
even audio from the TV—can travel over the system. This means you can
sneak away from a movie or sporting event and still hear the commentary
and dialogue during your bathroom break. The only piece of equipment
(besides the speakers) you’ll need in the room is a small keypad to
call up the audio. If your bathroom is large, think about zoning the
system. That way you can play your favorite radio station at the mirror
while your spouse keeps things quiet as she relaxes in the whirlpool. A
simple wall-mounted volume control is all he or she will need to turn
off the speakers above the tub.