HomeSeer Releases v2.2 Update to HS2 Home Automation Software

Via eHomeUpgrade:

New Calendar-Based Automation
One of the major additions in v2.2 is the inclusion of a new
calendar-based automation feature. With this, users can now create
alerts, reminders and other automation events that occur on birthdays,
holidays, and odd/even days or on patterned days, such as the “2nd Tues
of each month”. Support is also included to launch automation events
based on moon phase conditions.

All-New Voice Commands
Improvements were also made to the software’s voice control
capabilities. “Automating the home by voice has long been one of
HomeSeer’s unique strength’s and we can do it using room microphones,
headset mics or even the telephone system in a typical home” said Rick
Tinker, HomeSeer’s CTO. “But version 2.2 elevates that strength to the
next level!” With v2.2, users can issue new commands, such as “On
February 14th at 7 pm, turn on the front porch lights for 2 hours”.
Telephone, text message and email alerts and reminders may also be
created with voice commands like “Remind me by cell-phone at 4 o’clock
pm to pick up Julie from karate class”.

Enhanced Z-Wave Support
In 2003, HomeSeer became the first home automation software company to
support Z-Wave, a wireless, mesh network technology developed by
Zensys. Since then, the company has introduced its own Z-Troller™
Z-Wave primary controller and Z-Seer™ Z-Wave diagnostics software. Now
with v2.2, additional support has been added for the latest Z-Wave hardware
including Leviton’s ViziaRF™ line and Monster Cable’s IlluminEssence™
line. “We’ll also be adding support for other Z-Wave products including
Cooper Wiring Devices’ Aspire RF™ and Intermatic’s InTouch™ lines when
they become available later this year” said Richard Hemlke, HomeSeer’s

Enhanced 3rd Party Support
As with all previous versions, HomeSeer’s latest v2.2 release includes
a powerful scripting interface and application program interface (API)
for 3rd party software developers. A wealth of 3rd party ‘plug-ins’
have been created over the years contributing greatly to the software’s
popularity and making the company’s message board one of the most
active ones in home automation.

Other Improvements and Changes
Many other improvements and changes have been added to the new version.
A number of available add-ons have also been undated, including all new
plug-ins for Microsoft Windows® Media Center, Microsoft Windows Media Player and Apple’s iTunes® media player. A complete listing of improvements and changes may be found on the company’s website.

About HomeSeer Technologies
HomeSeer Technologies is a leading provider of home control software
based in Bedford New Hampshire. Our software and hardware controllers
give users the ability to integrate and automate everything in their
home. Our control extends to lighting, appliances, HVAC, irrigation and
audio/video devices using Z-Wave, UPB, INSTEON, Infrared and RFID
technologies from leading manufacturers such as Lutron, Leviton,
Intermatic, DSC, GE, Russound and Monster Cable. Our software and
controllers are web-enabled, giving users remote access to their homes
from anywhere in the world. Visit for more information.