LG 42PC1D 42in Plasma TV

Typically I wouldn't post a review of a budget 1024X768 plasma TV. It just doesn't seem to be worthy of anyone's home theater. If you are in the market, please resist these rectangular pixel bastards behind and buy something that is based on a standard 720p/1080p format.

The high contrast ratio, 10,000:1 to 1 to be exact, and somewhat decent input selection might be tempting, but again, save your money if you are looking for a TV to fully display next gen DVD loving and HDTV.

From the article:

On the downside, the 42PC1D’s pictures are rather prone to noise. For
instance, any MPEG noise in a standard definition digital feed – Sky or
Freeview – tends to look rather exaggerated, despite the best efforts
of the MPEG noise reduction and XD Engine processing. General grain is
also quite apparent, even during HD viewing, and overall the picture
just isn’t quite as sharp as we’d like – and again this applies to HD
as well as standard def.

Sonically the 42PC1D is more consistent, having enough power, frequency
range and sheer quality to rise quite comfortably to the challenge of a
good action film sequence. A slight shortfall in the bass department
stops the set reaching the heady audio heights of the finest-sounding
TVs we’ve heard, but it’s better than you’ve any right to expect for
the price.