Media Portal Meedios merger?

Media Portal, a now long time staple in the open source HTPC world, is currently in talks to merge with Meedios. Meedios, an open source replacement for Meedio has been in development for a few months ago and are almost to a functioning core. With any luck, both teams will come together to make a solid open source producting with a fine mix of Media Center and Meedio.

Forum Post:

The aim is preliminary discussions before an 'official' meeting of all
representatives from both sides takes place.. regarding a complete
merger in the form of scrapping both codebases, starting with nothing,
then rapidly importing the best of code from both projects. This would
be called "<something> version 3" as MP as we know it is pre-1.0,
thier less publicized MPNG being version 2, and our merged product 3.