Vista “upgrade” drops compliance checking, requires old OS to install

This news is all over the web by now, I though I would post it just in case a few of you have not seen it. It looks like you are going to have to supply a complete OS install to upgrade to Vista. The times are over of anyone grabbing Grandma Bett's XP disc and getting a cheaper upgrade. I dunno, when I installed Vista, there was no way I was going to upgrade my XP install. There was so much crap in there my boot times were longer than my wife's period.

From the article:

Microsoft has been adamant in recent years that Windows is licensed per device and not per person. One practical ramification of this viewpoint is that the company typically does not allow users to install one copy of Windows across multiple machines, even if only one machine is in use at a time. According to Microsoft, only the full retail license of Windows Vista can be transferred to new devices (retail pricing here). OEM versions are ostensibly tied to motherboards, and upgrade versions are now technically tied to previous installations.