AMD ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner


PC Persective has collected a few slides that ATi was showing at CES about the ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner. Nothing much we haven't seen in the past few days. However, it is another useful resource:)

From the article:

Most of the information that could be provided to us was shown in these slides, but I wanted to reiterate a couple of points.  Yes, Vista is a requirement for this device to work and that means you'll be waiting for AMD's partner OEMs to implement their Vista systems before the TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner will even be an option.  It is possible that you'll see this as a retail product but there are a lot of technical specs that have to be made for support including full system HDCP support, a fast enough CPU to handle the codec decoding and decompression as well as support for your cable provider.  Also, the motherboard BIOS needs to have a special "key" built into it that will allow the digital tuner to function.