New Services adds Smart TV Features to ATT U-verse

Earlier this year a social media service called BuddyTV launched adding social media, chat, trending and TV guide data all into one easy to use interface on your iOS and Android devices. Now fast forward to today, BuddyTV has announced a new partnership with ATT and their U-verse TV service. 

With BuddyTV installed on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device you can now remotely control your U-verse set top box, change channels, remotely record, and you can even setup BuddyTV to push notificiations to your device to remind you when your favorite TV shows are on.

Beginning today, all AT&T U-verse users can directly control their receivers with the BuddyTV Guide. Using their iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, subscribers can use the smart channel guide to display only the channels that they want to watch. As you “heart and rate shows and channels, the app gives you recommendations based on your personal preferences and what the app thinks users want to watch. And, just like Netflix, the recommendations get smarter the more you “favorite” and the more you watch. (Speaking of Netflix, the app also integrates with Netflix Instant for users who subscribe to the streaming video service.)

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