Roku Open to a Blu-ray Drive

Now this is an interesting rumor developing, where Roku is thinking about possibly adding support for a blu-ray drive in the future. The price here is the key more so than anything. With Blu-ray drives continuing to drop in price, most people probably would not mind buying the $99 Roku and pairing it with a $100 Wal-mart player. Now, if allowing drive support would allow them to play ripped Blu-rays…now There’s an idea!

Home Media Mag

A major stumbling block, of course, are the costs involved incorporating a BD drive and related large-scale integrated (LSI) chip technology that would easily double the price of Roku’s players, which start at $79 for a standard-definition unit.
Roku, which markets directly to consumers, also sells a high-definition player for $99 and wireless HD device for $129. Many Blu-ray players with Internet connectivity now retail around $150.