Xbox Takes on Cable, Streaming TV Shows and Movies

The trend towards Xbox being the center of your living room continues, this time with some live sports offerings. Would be pretty interesting what cable’s reaction to something like this would be. I’ve never been much of a fan of the Xbox dashboard as a media hub, but they sure do keep adding content with netflix, twitter and now this…hopefully. […]

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MythNetVision to cure borked MythTV hacks


This is some pretty cool development, assuming it sees the light of day. Maybe some of our Linux faithful here can give us a review when it gets out…and hopefully stays working.   Hack A Day Although not yet available, the designers have built the plugin in two parts. The frontend is a fully skinnable user interface that parses RSS […]

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Apple patent points to potential portable DVR

If Apple (finally) makes a DVR, are you interested? The one thing you can be sure of, is everything would work, as in whatever you record would play on your iPhone, Mac and of course, AppleTV, and then whatever this new device would be? Very interested to see, my guess is this would be the evolution of the AppleTV itself, […]

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BeoVision 10 review


Coming in at just over $10,000, the B&O is definitely hard to swallow with only 40" of viewing pleasure. Like most B&O parts, the quality is there, but a lot of what you pay for is the style points. The way LCD’s and plasmas have evolved though, I’m not sure it’s enough to justify it these days…except for maybe their […]

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Zotac IONITX-F-E Mini ITX Mobo

Zotac has really come out of nowhere in the last few years and has a great selection of components for your HTPC. Here’s another mini-ITX board reviewed…while not really reviewed for HTPC usage, this does give you a good idea of what this new board has to offer. Xtreme Computing The Zotac IONITX-f-e certainly isn’t a power house, but then […]

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      QNAP TS-419P Review Recently released from QNAP the TS-419P is the new addition to their four slot NAS family. Read on to see if it will fit your storage needs. Introduction We recently took a look at the TS-219P NAS from QNAP and found it to be a good unit at that price point. Today, we are going […]

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