MSI demoes 1080P Projector PC concept


I’m not exactly sure why this would be limited to displaying 60" but the idea is unique. No word on actual specs or pricing, and I’m always suspect of these "all-in-one" devices given if any issues arise, but the concept is in the right place.   SlashGear Demoing at CES, MSI is “combing the brilliance of a projector with the […]

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NUU Player runs Boxee on Atom


I’ve not heard of this company before, but they have an innovative little product coming out. It’s a bit costly at $300–which for that price you may be tempted to just spend a bit more and build your own, but the design is pretty minimal if that’s what you’re looking for.   Engadget NUU Media’s NUU player runs the grown-up […]

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