Boxee Beta Goes Public, Download Now

Well that was fast, it feels like just a few weeks ago I received my NDA copy of this. I can assure you, it is as slick as it looks. One caveat though, I found a lot of my old favorite apps did not work properly. I’m sure everyone is working away to fix that, but just be prepared. Of […]

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Thursday Podcast Roundup

Lots of predictions and foreshadowing this week, and I’m sure next week it will all be about CES. But if you didn’t get a chance to go, here’s a good beginner course while we post news bits about the show.   Seen in HD 18 – CES, District 9 and more Something that could be a big deal, using a […]

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Amulet Release 2nd Generation Voice-enabled Remote


I’ve gotten to feel this remote and it’s pretty slick. I’m working to see about getting one for review, but it’s neat. The idea of a voice-enabled remote is interesting and one that has been thrown around several times over the years.   Automated Home Amulet Devices will launch their new second generation voice-enabled Remote control for Windows Media Center […]

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