Thursday Podcast Roundup

Lots of predictions and foreshadowing this week, and I’m sure next week it will all be about CES. But if you didn’t get a chance to go, here’s a good beginner course while we post news bits about the show.


Seen in HD 18 – CES, District 9 and more

Something that could be a big deal, using a bunch of science and math terms, it looks like Sony and Panasonic have come up with a way to increase Blu-ray storage capacity by about 37% on a single-layer disc, bringing total capacity up to 33.5 GB. This could mean that studios who still refuse to use dual-layer discs could have more room to play with in the future, opening the door for more features, better transfers and more audio options.

HD Nation » Episode 26: Avatar on 3D HDTV, HDMI Over Ethernet, Thinnest HDTV Ever..

More predictions for CES, our top tips for setting up your new home theatre gear, running an HDMI signal across your house, and the Blu-ray releases for January 5th, 2009!


Entertainment 2.0-Episode 58: Goodbye ’09, Hello ’10

This week we take a quick look at 2009 and the things that made Media Center news during the year. The biggest of course is the release of Windows 7 Media Center with Microsoft’s newest OS. Sporting a number of improvement (but not everything we want!) 7MC has become the best Media Center yet.


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast – Podcast #406: Predictions for 2010

Each year we try to look into the future and predict the state of the industry. The last few years we have been about 30% accurate but that doesn’t stop us from trying. With technology moving so fast its difficult to know where its going to end up in just one year but its still fun to try!


The Media Center Show #237 – Ben Drawbaugh on CES

Back from the festive break and 2010 starts with CES in Las Vegas so tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be flying to Vegas looking forward to seeing what new gadgets and services we will be talking about over the next 12 months. So in preparation for CES I am talking to Engadget HD’s Ben Drawbaugh about his CES expectations and what he expects to see and what is on his vapourware list. I also have email and a roundup of the news since the last show


The Custom Integrator Show Installment 023

I decided to put the topic of the Podcast as the first line (as part of the New Year) so that it is easier to find information and so that it shows up as part of the Podcast description on small-screen devices. Wow, it has been over a year since my first post on this blog site. It seems like forever ago. Thanks for sticking it out with me Ian!



Engadget HD Podcast 169 – CES 2010 expectations

The most wonderful week of the year for gadget lovers is upon us so we decided what better way to tame our anticipation then to dream a little and discuss our expectations for CES 2010. While some are obvious like 3D and mobile DTV, others like TiVo, MoCA and bigger, cheaper HDTVs aren’t as certain. And of course nothing is as much fun as making fun of our dashed dreams by talking up vapor ware of year’s past. So if you can’t wait to hear what’s new in 2010, tune in and be sure to let us know what we missed.