Ripping, Storing and Playing Blu-Rays

Fellow MVP Pete Stagman has written up a helpful how-to on how to manage your blu-ray collection in Windows Media Center. Nothing overly complicated but a great starter course for anyone just getting started in the HTPC world. NEDMug Ok, so once you have the Software installed as shown above. You can place the BD disk you want to rip […]

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Cable and Satellite Rates Are Going Up, Up, Up

Its a shame that cable rates keep getting increased, especially considering the economic hardships we are all suffering.  Glad all of us have the option to not pay for a DVR STB.   Yes, a late deal was struck between Fox and Time Warner Cable, but that deal involves Time Warner paying Fox more for the right to carry its stations. And guess who’s paying […]

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Intel’s DH55TC and Core i5-661 – Clarkdale

intel core i5

  Intel DH55TC & Core i5-661 (Clarkdale) Review The family of processors code-named "Clarkdale" has sparked a great deal of interest since its existence and some basic performance information spread out across the web in late September.  Teasing home theater PC (HTPC) enthusiasts with incredibly low power usage and built in HD codec bit streaming all packaged together with enough […]

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