MMOValue Membership Reward Announcement

Welcome to the MMOValue Membership Rewards Program designed to extend our most sincere thanks to our loyal customers for their continued patronage over the years. MMOValue Membership Rewards Program will help members save money but also make money on  Any purchase on will bring bonus points to a registered customer. Then you can use the bonus points to […]

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January 19th Blu-ray Releases

Not a lot of releases again this week, but there are a couple nice gems. Nice to see Boogie Nights out on blu-ray, and fans of Weeds will be pleased to see Season 5 released as well. I enjoyed the Che film, but it’s pretty long, so be prepared. Whiteout was decent, if you’re looking for a thriller to match […]

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CES 2010 News and Analysis-Part 1 Sony


HDGuru has a fantastic breakdown of all things Sony 3D on their site, covering the changes that are in the new models and which support 3D and which don’t. Quite a lot to choose from, so make sure you don’t confuse your model numbers!   HDGuru Available in the 40″, 46″ and 55″ sizes (Summer, $TBA). These models are also […]

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