A Peek Into Netflix Queues


[H]ardOCP has found a link to a pretty cool interactive map of what’s in Netflix queues by region. Pretty interesting, and agree kinda creepy. For example, in Inglewood, California, Twilight is number one on the list. Back east, some have The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Pretty cool. Head over to NYTimes for the full maps.

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Syabas Officially Announced PCH A200

After much speculation of a PCH A110 replacement, Syabas has officially announced that the PCH A200 will be available for pre order on January 18th.   The A-200 will be running on the same Sigma chip as its bigger brother the C-200. It is expected to have the generic stock UI at launch but expectation is that it will eventually […]

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January 12th Blu-ray Releases

Another fairly slow week of releases to continue the start of 2010, but there’s a couple decent choices here. If you need some Stallone or Arnold nostalgia, Cliffhanger was an entertaining one finally being released on Blu-ray, since I’m sure you were all clammoring for it and Arnold’s Last Action Hero. Halloween 2 was another fairly brutal offering from Rob […]

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