January 12th Blu-ray Releases

Another fairly slow week of releases to continue the start of 2010, but there’s a couple decent choices here. If you need some Stallone or Arnold nostalgia, Cliffhanger was an entertaining one finally being released on Blu-ray, since I’m sure you were all clammoring for it and Arnold’s Last Action Hero. Halloween 2 was another fairly brutal offering from Rob Zombie, but I was pretty bored during it. A couple other new ones, maybe something will spark your interest. One final note…."Moon" was super super weird…and yet mildly entertaining. If you need something different, that’s the clear pick for this week.

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week


I waited a while before finally watching The Brothers Bloom, and was pleasantly surprised. A coworker recommended it and it turned out to be pretty entertaining. The premise is relatively simple, with the brothers being conmen who go to take advantage and rob rich women. Rachel Weisz is the victim here and is her usual cute self, and even Adrian Brody (who I’m not his biggest fan) was convincing in his role. The movie keeps a good pace, and mixes a good amount of humor, drama and even a bit of suspense.