Thursday Podcast Roundup

With CES over and done with, it’s time to get back to normal. Except for Ian, he dangles one final CES interview for our enjoyment! The Media Center Show #240 – Final CES 2010 Interviews This is the final batch of interview from CES. I have Arcsoft talking about how to get 3D movies in Windows Media Center using Total […]

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East Sussex A/V Dream House


Ahhhhh……me want!! Kudos to my pal Corey for linking this, although it just makes me incredibly jealous.   Unplggd The AV setup — naturally ! Not everyone’s partner would allow them to have a full-size Kef Reference setup in their living room, but I’m very lucky in this respect. It does help that we’re both well into our tunes — […]

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VHS tape external HDDs from Etsy. That is all


Looking for an innovative way to keep that external hard drive near your media center? How about in a Top Gun VHS box!?! Pretty clever, except that the lack of VCR’s in most of our home theaters would probably cause a bit too much attention, but still an A for effort I say!   CrunchGear One problem with all those […]

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