Boxee Beta


Shortly after the announcement of the public Beta for Boxee, Damian has a complete review with a ton of screenshots of it up at his website. I’ve been using the Beta for a while, and while it still has occasional glitches, it is miles ahead (UI mainly) from what Alpha offered. Don’t forget to head over to to enjoy […]

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Intel’s Wireless HD Technology


This is an interesting technology. I’m not immediately sure of what implications this can have on the HTPC community with all our HTPC’s and Extender devices, but think if your SageTV Extender had this push technology within it, so you could choose when to view what…whether you want to use the built in UI or if you want to send […]

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Kingston Shows off USB Based Movies


No word on cost, or any actual details on the quality, but I stumbled across this picture over at TweakNews showing off Kingston’s new USB drives customized for a particular movie (Including Star Trek) on a USB Thumb Drive. I particularly love the design ON the drive itself so you’re sure to not accidentally mistake it for another drive. If […]

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CES 2010: Hands on with ActiveVideo’s CloudTV

Interesting technology thinking content distribution but managed from the cloud. I see where they’re going with this, but I think if every company used the same "cloud" service, that then the particular manufacturers would lose out on the various UI options at their discretion. The bandwidth sure is there however, so I think time will tell. HighDefDigest The advantage to […]

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Netflix Moves to More Players

When you see reports like this, it really is no wonder that Netflix is doing everything in their power to get the most digitally available movies on the market. I doubt anyone believes they are putting all this effort into getting into your living room device only to have you continue to use the mail movies. Still have a ways […]

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CES 2010: Sony 3D TVs and Blu-ray player


Sony has a bunch of new models coming out, of course including even their own 3D offerings which DO require glasses for. And a couple Blu-ray players as well to satisfy the masses. Sure it will be ridiculously expensive, but that 24" OLED model looks sweet!   S&V The highlight of Sony’s new product offerings is the BRAVIA LCD HDTV […]

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More CableCard news from Ceton and HDHomeRun


Tired about hearing about these upcoming devices from SiliconDust and Ceton? No, good! Here’s a quick interview with the folks at Ceton, followed by a first glimpse at the HDHomeRun’s albeit prototype box.   EngadgetHD The best news is that you’ll be able to share a tuner with multiple Media Center PCs, which is really cool. Now obviously only one […]

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The GlideTV and SageTV Updates

Some good news for some early adopter customers. If you recall our review of the fantastic GlideTV  Navigator, the thing sure has a ton of potential, and it’s great to see the company stand behind it and continue to develop for it. No surprise on the SageTV guys continuing to do what they do best, with a 7.0 product forthcoming. […]

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HQV benchmark disk gets upgraded to 2.0

The good news: HQV has released a new 2.0 version of their calibration disc and it only costs $20! The bad news, it’s already unavailable. Doh! I’ve worked with disc duplication, and it would make no sense for them to have produced so few of a disc so rarely changed that they ran out already…so I’m guessing production is just […]

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