RealNetworks Founder Steps Down as CEO

I never like to hear this type of news, especially under the current circumstances Real is facing with their battle in the courts against the MPAA. You have to admire the courage he had as CEO, and I’d imagine if the court case had gone things would look much differently. Home Media Mag “After nearly 16 years, I’ve decided it’s […]

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Thursday Podcast Roundup, Lots about CES

Tons of podcasts in the last week, as usually is the case with a big show like CES, so enjoy! Engadget HD Podcast 173 – 1.13.2009 CES is officially over but we’re still trying to catch up on all the news, so we talk a little 3D without glasses and why it isn’t ready for prime time as well as […]

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Comcast Remote DVR Scheduling is Here! (For Some)


Looks like Comcast is stepping up their game, but you have to wonder if they would have done this if not for the DirecTV commercials specifically mentioning this feature. Now here’s my question being a Windows Media Center enthusiast–if the feature is so important that two of the largest MSO’s have it, shouldn’t it be in a $2000 computer system? […]

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