PowerColor Radeon HD 5850: Worth the Wait

If you’ve been looking to get your hands on the new Radeon 5-series…well…supply is still super limited. But the good news is it looks like it’s definitely going to be worth the wait. SCPR Gaming aside, the HD 5000 series has a couple of other benefits that can’t be assigned an objective value. ATI’s new EyeFinity multi-display technology allows users […]

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MyMovies Support For SageTV Coming Soon


This is pretty cool for SageTV users, and man Plucky has done quite the work here. The interface looks beautiful and allows users to leverage the massive MyMovies database. GeekTonic If you’ve ever used Windows MediaCenter, you are likely familiar with MyMovies a popular Movie metadata cataloging and management add-on for MediaCenter. SageTV has some of these capabilities now with […]

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Is Bit streaming more efficient than LPCM?


The recent update to the Haali Media Splitter (enabling Dolby TrueHD in DTS-MA MKV) got me thinking about revisiting our guide to getting lossless audio off the PC.  When an interesting discussion got started about the benefits of bit streaming v. LPCM over at AVS Forum it was time to do some testing. To setup the test I muxed TrueHD, […]

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