Boxee Beta


Shortly after the announcement of the public Beta for Boxee, Damian has a complete review with a ton of screenshots of it up at his website. I’ve been using the Beta for a while, and while it still has occasional glitches, it is miles ahead (UI mainly) from what Alpha offered. Don’t forget to head over to to enjoy it for yourself today!


Media Smart Server

As with My Movies I am disappointed with the lack of “wow” in the TV section. However, there is some really neat stuff going on here. TV Shows gets broken up into two categories – My TV Shows which would be TV shows that are part of your local content and TV Show Library which is made up of TV shows that can be accessed from online sites such as Hulu, ABC, CW11, etc… You heard right, Hulu can be accessed in Boxee. A few months ago Hulu got stripped out of Boxee due to Hulu’s request, however it looks like Boxee is getting around this by embedding a web browser which then accesses Hulu and displays the requested show in full screen.