DEG: Home Entertainment Fares Better Than Retailing Overall

I’m honestly surprised, given all the digital distribution methods available, as well as the dominance Netflix has had on the movie watching place, that the numbers are what they are…which is to say impressive.

Home Media Mag

According to DEG figures, Blu-ray Disc sales were up 70% and rentals were up 48% from the previous year. In the fourth quarter alone, Blu-ray Disc sales generated more than $500 million, representing 13.4% of the total spent by consumers on buying discs. Sales of new Blu-ray Disc releases in the fourth quarter were up 35%, DEG says, while sales of catalog titles doubled from the fourth quarter of 2008. Five Blu-ray Disc releases sold in excess of 1 million units, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, which DEG says is the top-selling Blu-ray Disc release of the year.