Boxee Beta Goes Public, Download Now

Well that was fast, it feels like just a few weeks ago I received my NDA copy of this. I can assure you, it is as slick as it looks. One caveat though, I found a lot of my old favorite apps did not work properly. I’m sure everyone is working away to fix that, but just be prepared. Of course, there are tons of new ones. I love the new look and feel.

Boxee Blog

In the past 4 weeks since we announced the upcoming Beta we had the help of tens of thousands of early access users who tested the Beta on all different platforms and gave us great feedback. Hundreds of bugs have been opened and we’ve been working diligently to resolve as many of them as we could. We feel the version deserves the upgrade from Alpha grade to Beta grade, and we’re going to spend the next year improving it, so we can release 1.0 at CES next year