HDHomeRun developing a dual CableCARD network tuner for $249

I think the price is fair, and it puts the decision making smack on the users–do you want 1 tuner for $150, dual tuners for $250 or massive quad tuners at $400. For ONCE in the cable card world we will have a CHOICE! The sad/interesting part of course, is that it is requiring Windows 7, no word yet on what this means for SageTV, Beyond TV or any other TV’s.


The dual tuner model in development will require just one CableCARD and one coax input, but will allow you to record two HD shows at once, and all for $249 — less than the single ATI CableCARD tuner sells for today. The nice thing about the networked tuner approach that has made the HDHomeRun so popular, is that even if you have your heart set on a small form factor PC like the Dell Zino HD, you can still have access to premium content even without any empty PCI-E slots.