AverMedia adds a USB HD capture device to its lineup


The fact that Avermedia released an awesome device like this doesn’t surprise me, only that it took them this long to do so. For a while now Hauppauge has been the sole HD solution (besides firewire) for satellite and non-cablecard users to be able to take in an HD signal into their Media Centers. I agree with Ben, hopefully the folks at DVBLink will get behind this one as well and support it. The more competition the better the technology can get.



Up until now Hauppauge has had little competition for its HD PVR, but no more. Today AverMedia announced the AVerTV USB HD DVR which is an external USB device that will capture up to 1080i HD and stereo sound via HDMI and other inputs. It is bundled with TotalMedia Theatre software for scheduling recording and playback. Now you might wonder why a company known for its Windows Media Center tuners would ship with recording software and the reason is that Media Center has some limitation that is holding this back from being supported. This makes sense since the Hauppauge HD PVR doesn’t have native support for Media Center either, but perhaps DVB Link will come to the rescue here as well.