Well How About That, Steve Talks about Media Center and Cable Card

Sometimes you have to wonder what’s going on at Microsoft. I just got finished watching the CES keynote from head Microsoft honcho Steve Balmer, and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did he mention Media Center but they even mentioned Ceton and cable card. Of course using their "TV on your PC" motto, but in an odd fashion–the presenter mentioned it and then followed it up with saying he has his PC connected to his TV. Somewhat conflicting given what we’ve been hearing but pleasant nonetheless. Of course going through the rest of Media Center like Videos and the TV Guide….but did anyone else catch the "Silverlight Movies" row? I’m very curious as to what that is. Either way, hopefully the fact that so much time was invested by the head of Microsoft will calm some down from calling for the death of Media Center.

ADDED: Here’s a link from Microsoft with more details on what was mentioned. Enjoy!