Netflix, Warner Deal to 28-day Window

Well this sure seems like screwing the consumer doesn’t it? So you pay a monthly rental fee to Netflix and then you always have to wait for the new releases anyways. Now–for Warner Bros. movies at least–you will have to wait an additional 28 days on top of your normal delay just to get the latest from their offerings. In return, Netflix gets super discount….and the consumer….goes to Blockbuster? What impact does this have on you?

Yahoo Finance

New release titles on DVD and Blu-ray will be made available to Netflix members after a 28-day window, giving Warner Bros. the opportunity to maximize the sales potential of those titles and Netflix the benefits of reduced product costs and significantly more units and better in-stock levels four weeks after street date. At the same time, a renewed and expanded license for Warner Bros. streaming content will allow Netflix to offer its members more movies they can watch instantly.