BeoVision 10 review


Coming in at just over $10,000, the B&O is definitely hard to swallow with only 40" of viewing pleasure. Like most B&O parts, the quality is there, but a lot of what you pay for is the style points. The way LCD’s and plasmas have evolved though, I’m not sure it’s enough to justify it these days…except for maybe their cool remote.

Flat Panels HD

The BeoVision 10 has undergone more rapid development than any other Bang & Olufsen flat screen, because they have built on the foundation from earlier flat screens, rather than reinventing the wheel. The first Bang & Olufsen flat screen system designed to hang on the wall has now entered the market. The BeoVision 10 has also been endowed with a 200 Hz refresh rate, digital tuners, and LED backlighting, silencing any criticism of Bang & Olufsen’s technological weakness.