HQV Benchmark 2.0 Blu-ray Back in Stock


The debate continues whether this was ever in stock to begin with, but good news is that it actually IS in stock now! If you’ve been waiting, you might want to hurry since no word on exactly how many they have in stock. Given the lifespan of these discs (looong) you would hope they have plenty to last.




The new HQV Benchmark 2.0 – available in both standard definition and Blu-ray – builds on previous HQV Benchmarks, and introduces advanced testing capabilities for such functions as compression artifact reduction, scaling quality and color processing. All video clips and test patterns on the Benchmark have been specifically designed to evaluate a variety of video processing tasks, which include video-de-interlacing, film-cadence detection, video-over film, motion correction, noise reduction and resolution enhancement. Moreover, the HQV Benchmark 2.0 also includes tests specific to basic device set-up, providing a one-stop testing experience. Like its predecessor, the HQV Benchmark 2.0 begins with an introduction, an overview of tests and an explanation of how the tests work. Additional details including a scorecard to assess video products are available on the www.HQV.com website, under "Benchmark DVD."