Mvix announces Ultio Pro media center


Another media extender player device, this one with a twist of adding DVR capabilities. Sure seems to play everything under the sun, and the price seems reasonable as well.



The Ultio Pro supports pretty much every media file format I can think of, including WMA, MKV, and ISO files. In addition to reading your media files off your NAS, the device will support PlayOn (allowing Netflix and Hulu) and UPnP (so if you have another DVR it’ll support that too). The Ultio Pro has an embedded bittorrent client as well, for those completely legal downloads. You can chose to buy a barebones version (that doesn’t have it’s own PVR), or you can buy the 2tb version that does include a PVR, which will allow you to record video from your cable, satellite receiver, or even a camcorder. The Ultio Pro is currently available for pre-order, with the basic (non-pvr) version selling for $169, and the 2tb version priced at $348.