HBO Testing Streaming Site

You have to understand what HBO is thinking, I just don’t understand why it wouldn’t be more prudent for them to just work into a deal to integrate with Hulu rather than try to start their own? Because what the world needs, is yet another online portal for TV streaming. Hopefully they’ll at least open up API’s for other websites or apps….*cough* Boxee *cough*

Home Media Mag

“Spending 30 seconds with HBO GO makes you want to throw out your cable box,” Greenfield wrote in a note.The streaming site features 218 feature length movies and full episodes of the first four seasons of “Big Love,” in addition to full episodes of “True Blood” and “The Sopranos,” among others. “The goal is simply to attract more consumers with a more comprehensive offering and to reduce churn [or subscriber attrition rate],” Greenfield said.