Windows Home Server v2 “Vail” CTP4 EN build 7360 spotted in the wild


I saw this thread originally at TGB, but apparently it was shut down for some undisclosed reason. Since all this material came from other places, I don’t see any problem continuing or restarting the discussion here at MissingRemote. Kudos to MSBob for giving me the heads up, and of course Brutus76 for the initial heads up. I moved the images here to our servers to hopefully lighten the original links server load.

So to summarize, none of this is official at all, and while some people are claiming the screenshots are fakes, they sure look pretty solid.  Of course most disappointing if these rumors are true, is the lack of Media Center functionality built-in….but still some good things to get excited about.

From a feature perspective it appears that Vail;

-Is in fact based on server 2k8v2.

-Based on the wim the leaked version is "ServerHomePremium".

-There is no notable MCE functionality.

-News channels are beginning to pickup on the leak
now that the iPad has peaked.

I have attached the original topic below as well as the reply provided
by Brutus76.

Saw this a bit back. Thought the community might be interested due to all the
speculation concerning Media Center integration.
 Untitld-thumb.jpg  Untitled3-thumb.jpg
 Untitled4-thumb.jpg  Untitled5-thumb.jpg
More pictures below….


 9tfhcj-thumb.jpg  5yro85-thumb.jpg
 Home  Users
 icjwra-thumb.jpg  1198ec9-thumb.jpg
 Backup  Folders
 2h50l0i-thumb.jpg  35ktnva-thumb.jpg
  3178tax-thumb.jpg  2mmhf94-thumb.jpg