Group Says Wal-Mart, Target Mandate New-Release DVD Purchase Limits

Another twist in the kiosk versus studio saga, as it appears retailers are hopping on the bandwagon. Although this strikes me as odd since retailers make money no matter who purchases the discs. I doubt this will stop Redbox at all though…but I’m sure it will annoy consumers who find a new release out of stock.

Home Media Mag

“They have signs around the new releases (Surrogates, Saw VI, Whip It, Michael Jackson’s This Is It) stating this limit along with “No Dealers Please,’” Turk wrote in an e-mail. “Looks like they’re trying to lay the groundwork for a sales window.” The quantity limits could put a serious damper on kiosk operator Redbox, which employs significant resources purchasing embargoed new releases from Warner Home Video, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment from Wal-Mart, Target and other retail sources.