Warner Also Puts Redbox on Window Alert

Another blow for Redbox, and what a wild week it has been for them. First Fox gets all huffy , and now Warner is. Redbox was quick to reply that they would not settle for the delay with Fox and would continue to offer the popular titles as soon as they can, I imagine a similar announcement will be made against Warner. Hopefully these guys all just work together to make life easier for the consumers, without all the drama.


Home Media Mag

A day after the kiosk company fiiled suit against 20th Century Fox over imposing a 30-day delay, Warner Home Video has informed Redbox of a 28-day window. But while Fox’s window was imposed through third-party distributors, Warner’s announcement was coupled with word that it is eliminating whoilesalers and, come October, will sell direct to both kiosks and mail-order subscription rental programs (Netflix and the various Netflix wannabes).