PC Power & Cooling Silencer 910W Review


 The power supply is one of the most forgotten components to an HTPC build–choose poorly and you will be suffering from reboots, crashes or even worse, loud noise! And replacing it is a complete PITA as it connects to everything in your system. PC Power & Cooling has been around for years and is very well respected for their quality, but apparantly they forgot that to call a unit "silencer" it should probably be quiet.

Jonny Guru

PC Power and Cooling has reason to smile, for the Silencer 910 is an excellent unit. Its regulation is up there with the very best I’ve tested, its ripple suppression is as good as anything else I’ve tested, and the overshoot transient suppression is in general the best I’ve ever seen. That said, it’s just… not… SILENT. Especially when you get it hot and load it up. Guys, please consider the big fan approach… that myth needs to go. While you’re at it, kill the modular one too. A world of awesome sales figures awaits.